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PAC University Research





July 18

Auditioning of innovation & business concepts with LAN-X Africa

August 6 – 17

Defenses of Masters’ Theses

·        Marriage and Family Therapy

·        Leadership

·        Theology

·        Business Administration

August 27 – 31

Research week

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Munene Mwaniki from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Sept 19 – 21

University Research Conference


PhD Colloquium Dr. Dionysious Kihika Kiambi Presentation of Concept papers by PhD in Organizational Leadership students 22nd  – 23rd November, 2017 Conference Hall 1 26  
APA, Plagiarism and  Research Writing Workshop Dr. Jane Kinuthia To equip students and create awareness on APA style of formatting and referencing. To inform students about plagiarism and take them through the basics of academic writing skills 27th January, 2018 Conference Hall 1 77  
Supervisors and Postgraduates Workshop Prof. Peter Ngure (Expert in Resource Mobilization) To improve the quality and effectiveness of supervision in order to ensure production of high quality Theses within the stipulated timelines. Focus will be on enhancement of effective supervision; supervisor-student relationships; roles and responsibilities as well as contractual matters; navigating supervision challenges and monitoring and tracking progress 3rd February, 2018 Conference Hall 1 93  
Postgraduate Students Thesis/Dissertations Write shop Dr. Cavens Kithinji/ Dr. Dionysious Kihika Kiambi To provide guidance to postgraduate students on the Thesis/Dissertation research and writing process. It will focus on PAC University Order of Sections for Theses/ Dissertations and the expected content in each section. 24th February, 2018 Conference Hall 1 67  
Seminar on opportunities for promotion, incubation, patenting and commercialization of innovations (Collaboration with Lan - X Africa Lan X-Africa (which is a business consulting company that focuses on personal development and business enhancement through revenue improvement) To sensitize and create awareness on opportunities for innovation, incubation, patenting and commercialization of innovations. Also presented were the various techniques and procedures towards registering a business, patenting a product and areas for collaboration with Lan-X Africa.  14th February, 2018 Conference Hall 1 42  
Data Analysis Workshop SPSS, NVIVO and To equip 16th – 18th May Conference Hall 2 15  
STATA Experts participants with 2018
Prof. Abraham the necessary data  
Waithima analysis and  
Dr. Joshua interpretation  
Tumuti skills required for  
Dorothy Oluoch academic, research  
  and development  
Research Seminar Prof. Johannes Seminar on 16th & 18th May, Conference Hall 1 30  
Langba, from the research writing 2018
University of and analysis  
Kwazulu Natal, techniques  
South Africa    
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