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Welcome to PAC University’s Centre for Research, Innovations & Publications. One of the core functions of the University is to promote and facilitate research and dissemination of research findings for societal impact. In response to this mandate, PAC University has made strides in advancing its research agenda and portfolio through the newly established Centre for Research, Innovations and Publications (CRIP) under the overall guidance of the University Research Committee of the Senate. The Centre’s mandate is to advance, facilitate, support and strengthen capacities for research, innovation and scholarly publishing. The Centre is also mandated to enhance the development of a strong relationship between research and teaching thus creating a stable internal and conducive research environment, in addition to providing research support services.

The Centre is available to provide support to the University fraternity in all aspects of research, innovations and publications as we contribute to the University’s vision and mission. 

— Dr. Jane Kinuthia
Director of Research and Dean of the Graduate School

To be a World Class Centre of Excellence in Transformational and Responsive Research, Innovations and Publications.

To strengthen capacities for transformational research, innovations and publications in response to market needs, national research priorities and development agenda. 


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